April 17, 2014

  • 6. Celestial Jerusalem NPM #6

    Celestial Jerusalem

    Seven Stars
    Seven Spirits
    Seven bowls with seven plagues

    Twelve jeweled foundations
    Twelve Apostles
    Twelve Pearly Gates

    Flowing east a river
    clean and clear like a crystal
    bearing life to our souls and a sea once thought barren

    no death, no tears, no fear and no sorrow
    no sun and no moon
    the lambs light we will follow

    Cast off your baggage
    pure hearts will come in
    The Celestial City
    God’s Grace You will Win


    I’m not doing very well writing a poem a day for the National Poetry month, when it came to Celestial Jerusalem, ashamedly ( as I told DanishDoll), I had to google  to get a true understanding, to my dismay the information that came up was from Revelations. I’ve not read very much in Revelations for the same reason I don’t watch scary movies…anyway I got over my scaredy self and started reading…I want to live in the New Jerusalem…and Revelations ain’t that scary (yet =)  I may even watch Cape Fear or something Hitchcock…or maybe not.

    In other news:

    Braylon is doing very well! He and our Granddaughter Jacklyn went to Ft. Benning, Georgia for our Grandson Reeces Turning Blue Ceremony.

    reece and family turning blue 4-17-2014

    Barry and I plan to go to the Graduation Ceremony in the morning, after graduation the kids will come home for 10 days, they’ll pack their belongings and head to Ft. Carson, Colorado.  We are So Proud of them!

    Nash is proving to be a Great Big Brother, Nova Rae makes that easy.

    Nash and Nova 4-14-2014

    Our Granddaughter Mara has one week of finals left…then she’ll be finished with her freshman year at West Georgia,  she’s done very well, she’s a a science major…We’re really proud of her too!

    mara and the sority girls 2014

    that’s her in the middle of her sorority sisters, I think their Tri-Deltas, they do good work for St. Judes Childrens Foundation

    Our roof still isn’t finished, but it’s a lot closer than it was…I think they’ll be done in a another 3 days…or so =/

    and so it begins

    that is if the rain will hold off for awhile…

    little cedar II 4-7-2014

    We’ve had a lot of rain…

    little cedar 4-7-2014

      the dogs love

    “When streams are ripe and swelled with rain”

    Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend and a joyous Easter


April 9, 2014

  • no poem but good news

    Just a quick note to say thank you for the prayers and good thoughts for Braylon.

    He gained 3 ounces yesterday and pooped !  I don’t remember ever being excited about baby poop but we sure are!

    all the test for yucky stuff were negative

    He’s got new calorie enhanced vitamin enriched formula and

    He’s going home today!



    Many Thanks


April 7, 2014

  • Tiny Miracles NPM#5

    the moon coming up
    the sun going down
    the stars coming out
    the world going round

    each day is a miracle
    our blessings abound

    Our precious great grandson Braylon is in the hospital.  He was born 8 weeks early, 3lbs and 11 ounces.  He’s not keeping his formula down very well  and has only gained an ounce in the last 4 weeks, the doctors are running test to see what might be going on.  I’m off to check on him.   Prayers and thoughts positive are welcome.

    Braylon Matthew

    Braylon 3 weeks ago.


April 4, 2014

  • Extraordinary NPM #4

    I have a hard time
    writing poems that don’t rhyme
    if they don’t
    aren’t they really just stories?

    They are not say the books
    there is meter and verse
    to count them you must be a genius!

    You do it with ease
    you’ve practiced you’ve pleased
    and that’s why I call you

    I didn’t have much time again today…it was an extraordinary day though…I had my first hummingbird visit.
    I put my feeders out as soon as the honeysuckle starts budding out, which was yesterday.  I saw three, probably the same one at different times but boy was I excited!

    Tomorrow I have a VBS workshop… surely I will be inspired by some tiny miracle…if not I’ll go through the photo’s of the kids and grands….see you soon


April 3, 2014

  • Believe NPM #3

    I believe

    I believe in fairy tales
    nightingales and
    eating kale

    I believe in dandelions
    puppy breath and
    negative Ions

    I believe in pennies heads up
    grab em all
    you’ll have good luck

    I believe in being straight
    tell the truth
    don’t be late

    I believe in the moon and stars
    making wishes
    good cigars

    I believe that Mountain Tops
    are magic places
    full of love
    and Gods good graces

    four leaf clovers
    counting crows
    one for sorrows
    two for joys

    I’ll just say this is free form again, it’s a busy time for me at work, however I sure am enjoying the poetry, I could spend more time studying the different poetry forms but then I wouldn’t have time to read all the lovely works of art.  Speaking of Mountain Tops…below is one of my favorite mountains.

    Georgia Mountains

    Brasstown Bald is the highest natural point in the state of Georgia, USA, with a summit elevation of 4,784 feet above mean sea level. The mountain is known to the native Cherokee people as Enotah.

     I do believe this is a magical place.



April 2, 2014

  • Home Town NPM#2

    My home town is very small
    less than a grand of us
    I know them all

    A grocery, a bank
    two pharmacies and
    three places where you can fill up your tank

    four places to eat
    several antiques
    a grammar school that is pretty darn neat

    but the park is the best
    for fun or for rest
    a cave and a spring we surely are blessed

    Ice Cream in the Park 4-1-2014

    Nash and Nova in the park yesterday
    eating Ice Cream…it was such a lovely day!

    I didn’t have much time to study the types of poetry today, but I think this may be Free Verse:

    A Free Verse Poem does not follow any rules. Their creation is completely in the hands of the author. Rhyming, syllable count, punctuation, number of lines, number of stanzas, and line formation can be done however the author wants in order to convey the idea. There is no right or wrong way to create a Free Verse poem.


    now I’m off to ride the church bus and pick up  little children
    Jesus  loves them all and so do I
    but I’d like to snatch the heads off
    some of the grown-ups
    but I won’t


April 1, 2014

  • SIMPLE … NPM #1

    April is National Poetry Month and our very own murisopsis has challenged us to write a poem each day of the month.  She also gave us prompts to follow and said it would be easy…..

    the first prompt is “Simple” so I googled simple poetry and found a wealth of information, of course it came from 3rd graders and that’s about my speed.  I chose to write Acrostic Poetry today.  Acrostic poetry uses the letters of the title of the poem to create the poem. This is a free form poem and has as many lines as the title has letters.

    This will be a good learning experience…Thanks Val.


    Six geese play

    in the creek behind the house

    minding their goslings

    palamates they are, they have simple webbed feet

    Labradors  chase them until I say


    3-13-2014 031

    I know there are more than six geese here

    but eight geese simply didn’t fit the format…

    this is the creek behind  our house

    and last springs goslings turned into geese

    (ha – that kinda sounded like a poem too

    maybe I’m a poet and don’t know it :)

    Have A Great First Day of April



March 31, 2014

  • Scavenger Poems

      • murisopsis  is promoting National Poetry Month…I’m going to do this, you should too

      April is National Poetry Month and since Leah is no longer on xanga I’ve had to come up with a Scavenger Hunt on my own. The rules are simple, write one poem a day using any form your heart desires using the prompts listed below (there are 30 days in April so there are 30 prompts). And of course you have to post the poem on your Xanga blog. It’s Easy Peasy. Although there are no prizes, everyone that plays along is a winner! Now you don’t have to be a Poet Laureate to play. In fact writing poetry is kind of like anything – you have to do it to get better. So here is your chance to get into the groove of poetry writing in a non-judgemental forum. Xanga is filled with folks that even though they may not love poetry, they do love their fellow xangans and will give you the support and positive feedback that every budding poet needs. So let’s put our poetry out there!!

      1. Simple
      2. Home town
      3. Believe
      4. Extraordinary
      5. Tiny miracles
      6. Celestial Jerusalem
      7. Covered bridge
      8. Carpet
      9. Rabbit
      10. Encouragement
      11. Snowbirds
      12. Meatloaf
      13. Hijinks
      14. Cabin fever
      15. Wind chimes
      16. Youth
      17. Steeples
      18. Ghosts
      19. Fountain pen
      20. Resurrection
      21. Tomatoes
      22. Hard boiled eggs
      23. I do not wish to contend
      24. Kibble
      25. Wool socks
      26. Oil changes
      27. Dog hair
      28. Growth
      29. Conceit
      30. Patience

    I have a hard time saying patience without adding Grasshopper

        • Nova Rae 3-29-2014

    and the poems might all be about grandchildren ….


March 24, 2014

  • Greats and Grands and Shingles OH MY!

    I never seem to have time enough time these day….

    but I wanted to show off my grandchildren

     Reece-Jacklyn-Braylon 3-15-2014

    Our oldest Grandson Reece and Grandaughter-in-law Jacklyn

    Family Day at Ft. Benning Georgia March 15, 2014

    Braylon Matthew

    this is our first Great Grandson Braylon Matthew

    he was born Dec. 20, 2013 weighing a whopping 3 pounds 11 ounces

    he came home February 1, 2014

    Mara Mae 3-23-2014

    Mara is our oldest Granddaughter

    this is her debutante picture I think

    she’s a freshman at West Georgia University

    the Debutante Ball raises scholarship money for young women

    Nash and Nova 3-23-2014

    Nova Rae and Nash,

    our youngest granddaughter and grandson

    Nash is a Great Big Brother

    and I am truly blessed.

    Now I’m off to check on the new roofing….

    our house was built sometime prior to 1878

    it has a cedar shake roof  and at least two layers of asphalt shingles on top of that

    now the insurance company say’s they won’t insure us unless we get a brand new roof

    which means tearing off the roof down to the ceiling rafters

    Barry and I are to old to be tearing off roofing so we’re contracting it out.

    it makes me kinda of sad – the roof doesn’t leak

    and someone a long time ago put a whole lot of time into nailing up all those shakes

    such is progress I guess….

    I need to cover the attic space so that all the building material and old shakes don’t fall into the house

    and make sure the roofers don’t trample down the spirea which is in full bloom.

    Ya’ll have a Great Week


March 20, 2014

  • I’m back….

    Nova Rae 3-17-2014 005

    The new granddaughter does have a name:

    Nova Rae Bryant

    She is the best baby ever, although I’m pretty sure I’ve said that about all my babies.

    Nash and Nova 3-17-2014 014

    Nash, Nova and Tiffany (my daughter-in-law)

    Jordan and Nova 3-14-2014

    Our son Jordan and Nova’s father

    They sure have made me a proud Grandmother

    only they don’t call me grandmother they call me Moon…How cool is that!

    A big thank you to Dr. ZSA_MD and to Eugenia at xanga.  I’d forgotten to respond to an important email and my account was deactivated yesterday.  Apparently, despite lack of communications, xanga is alive…and Zakiah and Eugenia Rock!